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You Just Can't Smile it Away

Chico Freeman feat. Yatron


Radio Mothership provided a well needed platform for ambient, electronic and eclectic music makers during the lockdown. We’ve also been developing on line collaboration and recording with very little latency.

Here’s a track we were delighted to be involved with - vocals in USA, Keys and Sax in Switzerland brought into the studio virtually to add some synth texture and mixed by Merlyn.

‘You Just Can’t Smile it Away’ written by the late Bill Withers and beautifully performed by Yatron and Chico Freeman with Jeremy Mage on piano, Jan Pulsford on synth.

#mothershipstudios #radiomothership

#chicofreeman, #chicago #covid19awareness #blacklivesmatter #billwithers #jazzmusic #racialjustice #rhythm #love #jamkazam #yatron

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