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Music for Waterways


April 25th we hosted The MITRA release of Janani’s ‘Music for Waterways’. Another album mixed at the Mothership with music from Anni Hogan and Jan Pulsford. Treated piano and textures. Again a fabulous few hours of interviews and music on

‘Mitra’ means ‘friend’ in Nepali


‘Music for Waterways’ is an imaginary musical journey from Liverpool to Woodbridge.
Anni Hogan and Jan Pulsford had been collaborating on their virtual journey for a couple of years to debut at the Woodbridge Beouwulf Festival in 2020, which like so many events was sadly cancelled. They decided to release it during the lockdown on band camp as part of the MITRA benefit collection
- a collection of alternative music, with all funds raised going to aid in the recovery from the earthquake of 25 April 2015.

From Ryuichi Sakamoto to Richard Strange to Janis Ian to Wolfgang Flur and many more.
“Water brings the waves of sound closer."

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