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    Mothership Collective

    Featuring music and videos from the Mothership Collective

    Played at the Papworth Trust Bandit Festival #MentalHealthAwareness

    Intro: Jan Pulsford

    Love is real: Merlyn Bruce

    Electronic music: aTHeNa BLue

    We never talked: Floormat Doormat w girl in a gale

    Collaboration: Jan Pulsford

    Chico Freeman: You can’t smile it away

    Virus free zone: Jan Pulsford

    Moving: Phil Jackson

    Outro: Jan Pulsford

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    August 1, 2020 · PATREON
    Mothership Launches Patreon Subscription August 1st, 2020 Dear Friends Hope all is well, and you have prevailed through this time of change and uncertainty. Radio Mothership has provided a well needed platform for a community of music makers and listeners during the lockdown. In order to...
    Radio Mothership provided a well needed platform for ambient, electronic and eclectic music makers during the lockdown. We’ve also been developing on line collaboration and recording with very little latency. Here’s a track we were delighted to be involved with - vocals in USA, Keys and Sax in...
    July 24, 2020
    April 25th we hosted The MITRA release of Janani’s ‘Music for Waterways’. Another album mixed at the Mothership with music from Anni Hogan and Jan Pulsford. Treated piano and textures. Again a fabulous few hours of interviews and music on radiomothership.com ‘Mitra’ means ‘friend’ in Nepali https...
    LOCKDOWN WEEK 18 - is it over yet? Our lives behind the masks continue … We’re getting ready to open Mothership studio virtually. Been busy testing low latency software for collaborating, rehearsing and recording and yes it does work! Watch this space . . . Meanwhile it’s Monday - a day to relax...
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